The Value Of Market Intelligence

Insight and research have rapidly changed how business works. It can help you provide an even better day to day service, develop new business models, think of new campaign or content ideas, form the basis of confident client consultation, and give you an edge in new business and sales pitches.

In a changing environment, with industry disruption, technological innovation, and more data than ever before, businesses with intelligence about their market landscape, the ability to anticipate what lies ahead, and the skills to exploit it, are those that will be in the best position. 

Our service provides the context to connect the dots between you, your brand, and your audience, and future threats.


Map and Scan your horizon

As trends, driven by technology and consumer expectations, ripple across markets, the ability to see what’s happening on the edge of your market, and in adjacent sectors, to your clients, to your competitors, and to the supply chain, is more important than ever before. Before you know it, their issues, challenges and opportunities could be the same ones you face.

Gain Competitive advantage

Context can help you see what lies ahead, and capitalise on it. Get an edge over others, by seeing information as a strategic asset within your business.

Share intelligence

You need all of your teams to be able to tap into market intelligence. Our reports can be utilised by many teams – marketing, sales. operations, product development, and the C-level, in order to spread the insight as far as possible. 

We support the information value chain in your business.


Use Cases

Pitch research or sales meeting preparation. 

Track customers and competitor trends across sectors, and the issues that matter.

Messaging and thought leadership content development or ongoing client/customer support and consultation.

Strategy development, identify challenges and threats and new opportunities, either ongoing or as part of crisis planning and response development. 

Stay up to date on developments, issues and news, without having to scan hundreds of sources.

Find qualitative examples to corroborate quantitative business intelligence data.

Deploying contextual intelligence

Marketing and communications

You operate in a constantly changing environment, you need to track competitors, stay ahead of issues, report back to the business, and find the white space for your message or product to cut through.

UK Market Focus helps you to do all of the above, and you bring the outside world into your business.


Sales and Business Development

Whether you’re headed into pitch meeting, putting together a proposal, scouting out new opportunities, or on the road (virtual or real) for a day of sales meetings, having the latest market intelligence helps find opportunities and anticipate questions. 

UK Market Focus supports that value chain – giving you the insight to win more business.


Business Intelligence

Tapping news sources of intelligence, and bringing together the quantified with the unquantifiable is what you do day in day out. But you need qualitative insight and context to help bring colour to the picture.

UK Market Focus gives you access to a constant stream of market intelligence, latest updates and innovations, to help you quickly locate and tap context.


Identifying risks, new opportunities, and navigating the changing landscape is what you do. Whether it’s managing and understanding a supply chain, to communicating with customers, partners and suppliers.

UK Market Focus gives you the right tools to understand the lay of the land, and put connect the dots in a complicated landscape. 

Decision making

Strategic decision making relies on good insight to make good decisions, whether you’re seeking intelligence on new business models, understanding the needs of your customers, or what’s happening in adjacent sectors. 

UK Market Focus helps you equip your organisation with the insight to exploit opportunities to the full.


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