The Research Desk

The Research Desk allows you to buy bespoke market research at affordable rates. This service is great if you’re up against a tight client deadline, need support on a pitch or sales deck, have a quarterly review or strategy presentation to prepare for, or need help on an ongoing basis.

Our team can quickly put together key facts and sector maps, as well as in-depth reports and taking on regular reporting work. We want The Research Desk to be part of your team, and we’re always on hand to help. 

How it works

We’ve designed our process to be as simple as possible. Let us know what type of support, report topic, content and style you need, fill in a simple briefing form and let us know the timeline you’re working too, we’ll confirm the cost, and when you’re ready you can go ahead and order. You’ll be working with an account manager the entire way through, who’ll be your point of contact, and can provide guidance and assistance about what to look for.

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What we cover


What is happening in the market that is altering your brand’s landscape? How should you react, anticipate and evolve? We’ll create a map of the landscape to help you to navigate through it.


Understand who you are speaking to, and the context they live, work, and play in. We’ll bring together a picture of your audience to help you get closer to them.

Market narrative

What trends are grabbing headlines, and whose opinion counts? We’ll help you understand what you could be saying, and who you could be saying it too.


Understand your competitors in the marketplace, how they communicate, and what they’re saying to the outside world.

Our Reports

Quick Scan

Just need pointing in the right direction or a helping hand to get going? Our team can get you started by pulling together a scan of articles, research, reports on your topic. Use it to right your own reports, as helpful background reading, or as a first-filter on an issue.

 From: £75 

Issues Report

Want to understand the impact of one issue or aspect of your landscape? These reports offer a more targeted version of our landscape report.

 From: £150

Your Narrative and Content

Does what you say you do match up to what you tell the world? We’ll look at how your messaging aligns with your market and your competitors, and where there are opportunities to exploit.  

 From: £350 

Market Narrative 

We’ll explore the narrative surrounding your business and sector and help you to identify gaps and opportunities for your brand. We’ll look at the types of stories that drive headlines, what your competitors and other players in the market are saying, and what the key trends are.

From: £250 

Audience Mapping

Dive into who your audience are, where they get their information, the issues that matter to them, and the macro factors that shape their world.

 From: £350 

Competitor Analaysis

Understand who your competitors are, their key messages, and how they are communicating it to their (and your) audience.

 From: £350 

Landscape Report

What is happening in the market that is altering your brand’s landscape? How should you react, anticipate and evolve? Whether it’s regulatory threats, new business models, and changes in how the UK media are responding to your sector, we’ll help you see the bigger picture of the market you’re operating in.

 From: £250 

Custom News Briefings

Keep your teams in the loop with a regular news briefing, specific to your market and competitor set – whether a one off, daily, weekly, or monthly, you can give them the insight they need to prepare for the day ahead, see what the media are covering in the sector and the headlines they use, or white label to share with your clients as a value add.

 From: £tbc dependent on duration

Report Formats

Deep-dive reports

Packed with insight, analysis and information to help you get the full context of your market – our standard service format.




Executive guides

Need to help senior decision makers in your business understand the landscape your team faces? Our executive quick guides offer a shorter report format, but still contain the insight and analysis to help inform strategy and action.

Briefing Note

Typically one or two long-form pages fo written content, helping you quickly get to grips with a sector or issue. Packed with handy analysis, key questions, and top level overviews.

Regular reporting

We offer several service which can help you spread information quickly throughout your business, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


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