Our Platform

What We Do

We don’t aim to predict the future, break news, or find scoops – our aim is to help you understand the market, and find the right questions to ask for your brand and business.


We gather contextual and market intelligence across the competitive environment and market segments, from economic to legal developments, as well as the key numbers, and bring it all together in one central location along with analysis and research.

What’s Inside

 We help you understand the landscape, scan the horizon for threats and opportunities, and stay on top of the key developments from across the industry. No matter your job, role, or business size, our platform helps you, your business, and your team, build a better picture of what’s happening in the UK market.

Market Tracker Platform

Reports and Analysis

Briefings, Roundups, and More

Tracks key developments, policy changes, company moves, themes, trends, innovations, conversations and and data from across the UK. Our team scans and curates updates from across the economy, to save you time and help you access the market intelligence you need.

Access to our reports, analysis, and briefings bringing together our team’s research into the UK market. Understand how different parts of the puzzle fit together, and how small changes build into long term trends.

A regular stream of key insights and developments straight into your inbox, pulling together key themes, issues and analysis from across the market, with access to additional events, content and more throughout the year.

Plans And Pricing

Our competitively-priced plans allow you to keep your whole team informed about what’s going on in the market, and your needs. Whether you’re a freelance professional or team lead, we have options to suit your needs.

Free bespoke research 

For a limited time, new subscribers will receive 10% off your first month’s subscription and a free bespoke research briefing into a client, issue or sector of your choice.  Use the code bespoke10 at the billing stage to claim this, and our research team will be in touch to discuss your project.

Tracker Only

£27.99 per month

Our Tracker-Only package gives you access to all of our updates, briefings and roundups.

You can also view our report library and buy reports individually at a discounted rate. This package is great for teams who have a bit more time, need to do the analysis themselves, or just need to pull examples when they need it.

£27.99 per month


£34.99 per month

Our All-Access package gives you access to our tracker platform and an ongoing stream of analysis and research from our team.

This package is great for those who want to get more insight into the market, and who are relied on to brief clients, customers and internal stakeholders. You’ll also get discounted access to our bespoke research team.

£34.99 per month

Annual Subscription

£369.99 per year

Our annual package gives you all the great benefits of our All-Access package, but with annual-only insight, analysis and content.

You’ll also get free access to events, webinars and other content that we run through the year. As well discounted access to our bespoke research team, you’ll also get a cost saving across the year compared to a monthly plan.

£369.99 per year


£54.99 per month

Our Multi-Seat subscriptions are perfect for remote teams, agencies, and organisations who need to share information across different departments.

Available as Tracker-Only or All-Access, you can centrally manage billing, user profiles and invite or remove members as you need. Keep market intelligence affordable and accessible.

From £54.99 per month