Our goal is to democratise access to research, market intelligence, and insight. We want to put expert analysis into the hands of marketing and communications professionals, and help them track the key market updates as they happen.

Our years of client experience have taught us that market intelligence is essential to  PR, marketing and communications work. It’s what makes good campaigns great, and when combined with creative thinking it can make an unbeatable new business pitch. 

But the way research works at the moment is broken. It’s expensive, time consuming, and often falls to members of the team without the necessary insight and experience to see where the real market trends, value and insight is.

At the same time, research reports are often delivered months after they’ve been commissioned and scoped. These reports end up unread, at the bottom of your inbox because the business needs have changed by then. 

We set out to change that.

Our platform gives you ongoing access to market intelligence curated with marketing and communications in mind, and access to quick turnaround bespoke services too.

To give agencies, teams and freelancers a better way to access market information and context, and then to complement this with analysis and research to draw themes, issues, and actions together. 

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