We provide market intelligence and research to the marketing and communications sectors.

With our self-service platform and bespoke services, you can easily and cost effectively track the UK market – to spot trends, find insight, and analyse your sector, audience and competitors.

Our self-service platform allows you to see trends, innovations and company moves from across the UK market – from just £27.99 per user per month. Our research team constantly scan and monitor all sectors of the economy to find out what’s moving the market. Our platform allows you to easily view these updates, understand why they’re important, and view analysis and insight from our team. 

We put market insight, research and analysis at your fingertips, to help you provide better day to day counsel, prepare winning pitches, and make sure you content and campaigns are built with insight and strategy at their heart.

Our bespoke packages tailor our expert market knowledge and insight to your specific needs and challenges.

If you’re preparing for a new business pitch, have a strategy meeting or review, or need to make sure you have the latest view of the market, competitors and audience, our team can help.

Our Research Platform

Our platform is geared towards the marketing and communications industry. We know the challenge of needing to use insights, context and analysis to develop programmes and activity, but the time and resource cost this can bring. 


Track the market in our client dashboard to stay one step ahead. Quickly identify developments and trends which are most relevant for your team.

You can see updates from across the market, and read research and analysis from our team, all through our central client dashboard.

 Our support team are available via email and chat during office hours to help you make the most of the platform.

Our platform helps you map your market, and see the context you’re operating in. Understand your customers, track trends, issues and themes, and adapt your strategy, respond effectively, and gain an edge

Stay in the loop with our briefing notes, roundups, analysis, and updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Access our catalogue of reports and analysis to dig deeper into research and issues which impact you, your clients, and your business.