We help companies access market intelligence and research, through our self-service platform and bespoke services. 

We enable you to research and track the UK market quickly and cost-effectively. We’re here to help if you need to use insights, analysis and context to gain a competitive edge.

Our self-service market intelligence platform allows you to access track trends, uncover insights, and tap into expert analysis and research.

The Research Desk allows you to buy bespoke market research at affordable rates. This service is great if you’re up against a tight deadline or need help on an ongoing basis.

Our Self-Service Platform

We provide one easily-searchable platform for secondary research. Our goal is to be your eyes and ears in the market.

You can see updates from across the market, and read research and analysis from our team, all through our central client dashboard.

 Our support team are available via email and chat during office hours to help you make the most of the platform.

Our platform helps you map your market, and see the context you’re operating in. Understand your customers, track trends, issues and themes, and adapt your strategy, respond effectively, and gain an edge

Intelligence At Your Finger Tips

Stay in the loop with our briefing notes, roundups, analysis, and updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Track the market in our client dashboard to stay one step ahead. Quickly identify developments and trends which are most relevant for your team.

Access our catalogue of reports and analysis to dig deeper into research and issues which impact you, your clients, and your business.

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